Terms and Conditions

The customer of AdventureBox, Surf and Snorkeling hereby enters into agreement for service with AdventureBox – A-BOX ehf.

AdventureBox is a partner and service provider for booking agents in Iceland and abroad, third party tours within Iceland and individuals who request its services.

General Terms and Conditions

Where these general terms and conditions do not conform with the general terms and conditions for specific tours or services, these general terms and conditions apply.

1. Introduction
1.1 The following general terms and conditions explain the rules of usage and the content of the contract that the customer enters with AdventureBox.
1.2 While we strive to provide the service we advertise and want to give you the best possible experience, we do so by reacting and responding to the conditions presented with each tour. As we treat every customer as our best client and endeavour to provide the best service we possibly can, we have created these Terms and Conditions to protect both you, the client, and us, AdventureBox, and ensure we are able to offer you the experience we promise.

2. Announcements
2.1 AdventureBox’s primary method of communication is email. All requests, confirmations, changes or cancellations must be communicated to the info@adventurebox.is email address.
2.2 Any bookings and alterations to bookings made over the phone or via booking agents must be followed up with a response email on behalf of the client. If this is not possible before the tour start date the client must state this during the call. Bookings and changes may be made to +354 571 2900.

3. Corrections
3.1 The customer is obliged to be conscious about his transaction account and all the corrections that are performed. AdventureBox is allowed to make correction to all mistakes or errors regarding collection of payments, issuance of invoices, calculation of commissions and discounts, and other transactions, including refunds and chargebacks.
3.2 The customer is obliged to announce immediately to AdventureBox if he or she knows about mistakes or errors that have been made in regards to the payments.
3.3 AdventureBox reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions without notice.

4. Limitations and Restrictions
4.1 Participation in tours offered by AdventureBox must meet the requirements stated in the description of the tours. In case of required licence (e.g. driver’s licence) the client is responsible for producing sufficient proof of licence, if that fails the tour might be cancelled without refund.
4.2 All clients participating in snorkelling must affirm they have previous swimming experience. Those who cannot swim will not be taken on snorkeling tours, surfing nor bodyboarding tours with AdventureBox.

5. Payments
5.1 AdventureBox offers multiple payment methods, including cash, credit card and bank transfers.
5.2 Payments made via the online booking system are made to the merchant: A-BOX ehf., kt. 460207-1500 who is the registered owner of www.adventurebox.is, www.snorkeling.is and www.surf.is
5.3. When booking for the Surf School is made a 5.000 ISK will be charged and the rest on the surfing date. This will not be refunded unless AdventureBox cancels the course.

6. Cancellations and Service Changes
6.1 Cancellations or changes to service must be communicated as indicated in Section 2 via email info@adventurebox.is
6.2 AdventureBox reserves the right to cancel or alter tours and tour content based on availability, demand, weather or logistical concerns, or due to safety considerations. This may occur with little to no notice to the client. AdventureBox will of course contact the client ASAP if there are changes to tours and schedules. We aim to please and of course try to find the best solution for alternatives in case of changes and cancelations and in best collaboration with the client.
6.3 The payment will be charged upon booking of a tour, the prices are in Icelandic Kronur as shown on our websites; www.adventurebox.is, www.snorkeling.is, www.surf.is.
The client reserves the right to cancel a tour at any time. Tours cancelled on the behalf of the client are subject to a cancellation fee.
90% will be refunded if cancelation is received up to 48 hours prior to a tour. If cancelation is received within 48 hours of a tour no refund will take place.

7. Responsibility
7.1 We at AdventureBox take your safety seriously and therefore you need to show licence e.g. drivers licence in cases where that is required.
7.2 AdventureBox recommends all clients to purchase their own travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.
7.3 AdventureBox is not responsible for any injuries or losses sustained whilst clients are on tours with AdventureBox whether the booking was made on our websites or via a third party.
7.4 The client assumes responsibility for their own property, proof of experience and actions while on tour.

8. Confidentiality
8.1 AdventureBox may collect personal information about clients to further the service provided. This may include names, email addresses or other identifying information. These information will not be used or sold to third parties.
8.2 AdventureBox may send you newsletters or other information to your provided email. You can always let us know if you don’t want to receive this.

9. Disputes and Venue
9.1 In case of a dispute between AdventureBox and the client, or those that consider themselves a party to this agreement or other genteral terms and conditions the District Court of Reykjavík will be the settler.
9.2 Icelandic laws apply to the relationship between the client and AdventureBox.

10. Customer Declaration
10.1 The custoomer agrees to this application and the terms and conditions when he or she books the tour and accepts all the content.
The client confirms specifically:
a. That he or she has studied in detail and agrees to the general terms and conditions, specifically about the responsibility of AdventureBox.
b. That the agreement for services with AdventureBos is entered into in its own benefit only.